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Cartoceto is a little village few kilometers far from the sea. It is rich of history and culture surrounded by the magnificent landscape of olive trees which produce a special olive oil.


Its origins date back to Roman times. In fact there are some findings, among which a Roman inscription dated 79 B.C. found near the ancient Pieve which would confirm the hypothesis according which Cartoceto was founded by a group of Carthaginians escaped from the Battle of Metauro during the second Punic war (218-201 B.C.) This episode would even explain the name Cartoceto.


The second hypothesis would trace its origin back to the barbaric invasions (VI-VIII century) when the people living in the valley had to escape the devastations.


The few documents tell us that since XII century, Cartoceto was a fortified village surrounded by walls and was described as one of the defensive strongholds of Fano. We know for sure that the castle and the walls were completely destroyed on the 13th July, 1572 by a violent earthquake.

Teatro del Trionfo

Palazzo del Popolo




Mostra-mercato dell'oliva e dell'olio


Due to its peculiar orographic form Cartoceto has been the most important center for the cultivation of the olive tree and consequently for the production of an excellent olive oil since the XII century. Other important products are wine and cheese.


In November, when the olives are picked up and pressed, Piazza Garibaldi becomes a market in which producers and olive-mill owners of the area show and sell their products. This is the most important exhibition concerning olive and oil of the whole area with local producers coming from both the valleys of Metauro and Foglia

Source: Comune di Cartoceto

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