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SOCIAL ENTREPRENEUR and WEBSITE PROPRIETOR 1996 - Ongoing,   Annapolis, Maryland

Author, 2007 - Ongoing.  Writing Fix the Whole Enchilada: How the Discipline of the Common Good Creates a Healthy Future. Draft Chapters online at The Wallcharts Workshop. Publication expected later in 2009.

The Wallcharts Workshop(formerly Simgov, Inc.)   The Wallcharts Workshop was set up to be a civic education non-profit that helps people work together toward a future that's not broken. Its specialty: large-scale graphics to share information about the AS IS present and stimulate discussion on goals for a TO BE future. This original purpose will be modified as Steve's book, Fix the Whole Enchilada, is finalized and published. Has produced the Internets only full-featured Social Security Solvency Simulator. is a project of The Wallcharts Workshop, Inc.

Common Sense on Social Security. Common Sense on Social Security website was set up to provide in-depth analysis of Social Securitys long-run solvency challenge. Examines, critically but fairly, the strengths and weaknesses of key strategies proposed by reformers of all persuasions. Critiques unrealistic claims about future stock market returns with careful analysis of long-range index fund returns. Steve's Social Security analysis is now on the backburner, as he focuses his efforts on finishing Fix the Whole Enchilada.

The Collaborative Democracy Project. Research program to examine democracys future potential from several perspectives, systems thinking, collaborative problem-solving, quality circle analytics. The Collaborative Democracy Project - now inactive - is the predecessor to Simgov, Inc.

CONSULTING 1985 - Ongoing

Education Resource Strategies.   Steve built the ERS "District Resource Tool" for modeling district redesign options, using lessons ERS has drawn from its client work and its research. The District Resource Tool - indirectly a Gates-funded project - is available online at ERS Tools. Steve has also been involved in Per Pupil Cost analysis for the Boston Public Schools, and played a key role in developing the Big Four Toolkit for training elementary, middle, and high school principals in LA and other school systems.

Independent Consulting.   Projects include:   Bipartisan Congressional Retreat, facilitator. Billing Dispute Mediation, ATT & Ameritech. Strategy and Capability Audit, S3 Technologies. Business Plan, AEG Corporation Recognition Systems subsidiary. Total Quality Training, State Highway Administration. Consulting partners included: The Mediators Foundation, Orasis Consulting, Gage & Co., Johns Hopkins University, and the University of Maryland University College.

Gemini Consulting. (Contract Consultant). Clients included: IBM, Dun & Bradstreet, Bell Atlantic. Projects included: Convergence Overview, Yellow Pages Strategy, International Investment Strategy, Payphone Strategy, Provisioning Workflow Analysis, Capital Investment Strategy, New Product Procurement.

Bain & Company. (Boston Office) Clients included: Nielsen Media, D&B; Plan Services, Giddings & Lewis Machine Tools, Rorer Pharmaceutical, Harris Graphics, Genstar Roofing. Projects included: R&D; Review, Competitive Comparison, Telemarketing Incentive System Design, Product Line Profitability Study, Acquisition Contingency Plan, Acquisition Financial Model, Inventory Scheduling Task Force, Purchasing Cost Reduction, Assembly Cost Reduction.

CUMMINS ENGINE COMPANY 1983 - 1985, Jamestown, New York

Project Manager:   Leader of Just In Time Manufacturing Project. Analyzed assembly operations and introduced Japanese manufacturing principles to L-10 assembly line.

Team Advisor:   Directed assembly team in production, quality, and inventory; supervised finance reps from multiple teams in budgeting and forecasting.

DENVER YELLOW CAB COMPANY 1969 - 1980, Denver, Colorado

Drivers Union President. Initiated and concluded leveraged buyout of Denver Yellow Cab by the drivers, thus converting taxicab company into an employee-owned cooperative. Also served as union vice president, trustee, steward. Editor and columnist of union newspaper. Driver for 11 years.


M.B.A. STANFORD BUSINESS SCHOOL, 1982.   Arjay Miller Scholar (Top 10%).

B.A. HARVARD COLLEGE, 1964 / 66.   Cum Laude in U.S. History.

Common Sense on Social Security
An initiative of The Wallcharts Workshop
A Non-Profit Successor to the Collaborative Democracy Project

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