The InnerSpace Foundation
Exploring, enhancing, enriching innerspace


The Innerspace Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to acclerating the development of technologies for improving learning, memory, and other frailties of the human mind.

Humanity is experiencing an unprecedented information explosion. Unfortunately, our abilities have not kept up and we frequently feel overwhelmed by the ever-rising tide of information. Obvious cognitive and memory inabilities plague people across the board, irrespective of education or best efforts at self-improvement, and these inabilities worsen as we age. These limitations cause immeasurable harm and restrict our abilities to learn, to remember, and to solve the problems facing each of us and humanity as a whole. The technologies we seek to accelerate have the potential to greatly improve the lives of all people, particularly those with serious inabilities and disabilities.

Unfortunately, there is an alarming dearth of funding and basic research on approaches to greatly augment learning and memory. To help fill this void, the Innerspace Foundation engages in various activities to promote and fund essential scientific research and technology development in these areas. To accelerate research to produce desired results as quckly as possible, The Innerspace Foundation organizes and runs The IF Prize, prize-based neuroengineering competitions open to researchers around the world.