Three new on-screen editing (tech) courses have been confirmed for spring 2014. Details below.


Electronic editing

Links provide course details, logistics, and prerequisites.


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Dameditors also offer the following workshops, developed for the Editors’ Association of Canada:


Editing for the Educational Market

A full-day seminar that examines the corollary knowledge that an editor needs to work in this field. Whether you are working with authors/ subject-matter-experts to develop materials or copy editing their manuscripts, knowing the trends and principles on which they work means you will suggest changes that suit. 

This covers: 

  • reading level assessment and adjustment
  • copy fitting (and fitting content to class time)
  • Bloom’s taxonomy and deciphering ministry curriculum documents
  • cognitive development theories
  • multiple intelligences and differentiated instruction
  • assessment models
  • trends in educational theory


Marketing for Freelance Editors

A workshop that looks at the various models and approaches and helps you develop a plan that suits your particular niche of clients.