State Your Rate with Confidence (podcast)

To state your fee with confidence, you need to practice, pose, and use project fees. The scientific evidence behind this “fake it ’til you make it” principle is covered in this episode, an expansion of Adrienne’s post on the Copyeditng.com blog. — Now, with more science!

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How do you cope with confidence and stating your rate? Leave your comments below, or join the discussion over on the Dameditors Facebook page.

Mentioned in this episode:

Original post: Three Steps to Stating Your Rate with Confidence


Adrienne Montgomerie wrote and produced this episode. She is a Dameditor and can be found online as scieditor as well as over on the Right Angels and Polo Bears blog and at Copyediting.com on Mondays and Wednesdays.

The image for this episode is by Anders Ruff, used under CC BY-ND 2.0 license.


Four Reasons to Work for Less

Why you might be okay with working for peanuts — the conditions are explained in this episode, an adaptation of Adrienne’s post on the Right Angels and Polo Bears blog.

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When Adrienne first wrote up this response to a colleague’s question, the post was shared widely and some very considerate conversations were started. A lot of people seemed very glad to be told that it’s sometimes okay to do what makes them happy.

When might you consider working for less? What are your make-or-break conditions? Leave your comments below, or join the discussion over on the Dameditors Facebook page and on Twitter.

Mentioned in this episode


Adrienne Montgomerie wrote and produced this episode. She is a Dameditor and can be found online as scieditor as well as over on the Right Angels and Polo Bears blog and at Copyediting.com on Mondays and Wednesdays.

The image for this episode is by David Blackwell, used under CC BY-ND 2.0 license.


Podcast between-isode: another peek behind the editing curtain

This episode of the Right Angels and Polo

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podcast is a sort of between-isode update of what’s been going on at Adrienne’s desk, to keep you satisfied while she does more research for an in-depth piece on editing disturbing subject matter. I first posted piece on the topic on the Copyediting.com blog. It’s generated a lot of thoughtful discussion and some response-blogs by colleagues. This is an issue that affects all of us, often as a blindside, so we feel it deserves a closer look.

So, while she’s working on that, take another peek behind the editing curtain.

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Tell us about what topics you find too disturbing to edit. What are your red flags? What do you do to care for yourself when editing gets you emotional? Leave your comments below, or join the discussion over on the Dameditors Facebook page. You can also Tweet Adrienne @scieditor and send longer comments or tips you’d like to share privately to adrienne@dameditors.ca.


Mentioned in this episode:


Hey, she forgot to mention attending panel discussion hosted by RGD (registered graphic designers’ association). We are not designers, but we work

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with them on nearly every job and find that connecting with them and learning how and what they think helps us communicate with them better. Always a fascinating event.


Adrienne Montgomerie wrote and produced this episode. She is a Dameditor and can be found online as scieditor as well as over on the Right Angels and Polo Bears blog and at Copyediting.com on Mondays and Wednesdays.

The image for this episode is by Pink Sherbet Photography, used under CC BY-2.0 license.


Learning Styles

Learning styles are the preferences we have for learning. It is how we input, process, recall, understand, and store information. Culture, experience, and development influence our preferences; for example, all children learn by doing until at least six years of age.

Most of us learn using multiple modalities but have strengths and weaknesses in a certain modality. Educators support a variety of learning styles to help learners gain conceptual understanding. Editors often check that materials address a variety of learning styles to meet student needs, especially in teacher resource materials.

Editors are familiar with visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning styles. They often consider multiple intelligences too.

Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic Learners

Click on the chart showing student-centered activities that an elementary teacher might use to address learning styles.







Multiple Intelligences

Dr. Howard Gardner states that an intelligence is the ability to solve a problem. People are intelligent in different areas and have different skills to solve problems. Dr. Gardner believes that many schools focus most

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attention on linguistic and logical-mathematical intelligences; perhaps because these are highly valued in North America. He believes in the importance of nurturing students with gifts in other intelligences.

Gardner describes

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nine multiple intelligences:



Use the infographic as a visual reminder of multiple intelligences when you provide content to help learners learn.







Think about how you might use learning styles and multiple intelligences to help meet learners’ needs when you write or edit educational content.

Read More

Learning styles



Gardner’s multiple intelligences





By Rita Vanden Heuvel

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.



Where Are the Good Editors?

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What to do with an edited Word document

You followed all of the steps in how to find an editor, and now you have their edits marked up on an MS Word version of your document. What next?

  1. Review the suggestions
  2. Address the queries
  3. Send the manuscript to the next stage

Well, the first thing you do might be to bellow

What have they done to my beautiful writing!?

and don a half-mask and cape after descending into the sewers.

Even editors sometimes feel that way about being edited. This is not a reflection of your skill, it’s just part of the process. Make yourself a [nice cup of tea] and get back to step 1.


First stage: Review the Suggestions

Edits can be made using tracked changes in MS Word. The next post will look at PDFs and traditional editing marks.

Edits are marked up as deletions and insertions. There are options for how this is displayed. We will look at underlined insertions, and crossed-out deletions. There are many versions of Word; your system may vary slightly from the examples in this post which were made using Word 14, 2011 for Mac.

1. Open the Review ribbon in Word

Ensure that in the Tracking area, Final Showing Markup is selected.

3. Reject Changes you don’t want

Click Next if you don’t want to reject a change.
Click the Reject icon when the cursor is within any change you do not want. This will omit the change and jump to the next change.

Don’t “Accept” changes at this point, just Reject the ones you don’t want. You have to reject both the addition AND the deletion. You may also right-click on any change and select “Reject” from the context menu that appears. (Mac users, hold command while you click: cmd + click.) <video to come>

Review the changes sequentially, rather than re-reading the whole document. This will help you address the edit without second-guessing everything you’ve written.

Focus on your message and tone, not style options. Some changes will be made simply to match house

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style or to provide internal consistency. If you’re writing for a publisher or journal, they will insist that their style is followed.

4. Suggest a different fix for any rejected change

You don’t need to accept every suggested edit, but do address each one. Every suggestion identifies a chance to improve the work. If the editor did not suggest a fix you like, then you know the writing was not clear. Suggest a different change by writing in the change you want.

5. Accept all remaining changes

Select this option to clear the document of all remaining tracked changes.

You should be left with a document that contains only those changes you wish to accept. When you reach the end of the document, click the tiny triangle beside the Accept icon. Select “Accept All Changes in Document” to clear all tracked changes in the file.

6. Save your work

It’s good practice to save this file with a new file name. You might add “approved edit” to the file name to make it easy to identify.


Second Stage: Respond to queries

1. Find the queries (questions from your editor):

  • If they are written into the narrative, they should be highlighted so that you can find them easily. Either scroll through the pages to spot them, or used the Advanced Find to search for Highlighting using the drop-down Format menu in the expanded window.
  • If they are in Comments, opening the Review Pane is usually most legible way to read them.

2. Open the Review Pane

Click the icon is found in the Changes area of the Review Ribbon. It can be a lot easier to read comments in the Review Pane, rather than within the document.

Wherever the editor has asked a question, either improve the passage or ask for clarification. Do not ignore any queries. You may decide another fix is preferred, but every bit of mark up indicates a point at which readers may get confused. If the query is asking about your preferred treatment, let the editor know what you decided, so she can follow that preference in the next steps.

3. Address each query

It is preferred that you make a change that will address the issue. Make a change, then delete the query. To answer the query and request a suggested fix:

  1. Click on a Comment, then insert a new comment one of these ways:
  • Click the New icon in the Comments area of the Review ribbon.


Step 3: Forward the work to the next step

This may mean cleaning up the original and sending a fresh PDF to the editor. She will check any new material that was inserted, and verify that changes were made as intended. If you any choices were requested, the editor will now ensure that these

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preferences are reflected throughout the work.

If you are at the late stages of production, the next step may be sending the finalized files to the printer or app store.

Printing the PDF

If the editor drew pencil marks and text in boxes on the PDF, you can print out a copy:

  1. Select “Document and Comments” in the “Comments & Forms” area of the Print dialogue box.*

Printing a Summary of Changes or Mark-Up

If the editor used the Edit Tools (looks like track changes), you may print a summary of comments.

*Your Print dialogue box may look different. There is great variation caused by the combination of printer, OS, and versions of Acrobat.


COMING UP: Watch for the next post, which explains how to handle an edited PDF document.

Also handy: the entire working with an editor series.


What to do when the edit comes back

Your editor handed you their work. Now what?

  1. Review the suggestions
  2. Respond to queries
  3. Send the manuscript to the next stage

Review the suggestions

First, take a deep breath. It will be okay. After all the hard work you’ve put into this, a critique can be an especially trying experience. Even veterans of the process (Like me!) can find themselves flustered when they see their edited document.

Depending on your preferred working method, the editor will have marked up changes using traditional proofreaders’ marks, itemized changes in a letter, or used track changes in a word processor such as MS Word. We’ll look closely at

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how to respond to each method in the next posts.

You don’t have to accept every change. Some changes may even represent misunderstandings. Know this: every marked change represents a chance to improve the work. You may decide to use a different fix, but don’t ignore the problem. If the editor was confused, it’s likely that readers will be confused as well.

Decide which changes require more thought; accept the rest. Matters of house style are best accepted without fuss. For example, if your publisher (or industry or market) prefers that all image captions have Roman numerals, there’s

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nothing to be gained in fighting such changes. Beware of rules that aren’t rules; meaning: punctation and phrasing may actually be a style choice, not a do or die matter of grammatical correctness. If your gut just

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can’t accept it, do question the change. Editors specialize in knowing these conventions and adapting to the preference of the house/ medium/ market. But they’re human too.

Respond to queries

Resolve or respond to any queries. If you can address the issue, please make the change. For instance, if the editor asks “Did you mean Paris, France or Paris, Ontario?” please just make the necessary change in the work. Only reply to a query if you don’t understand it or are having trouble resolving the problem.

Do not ignore queries.
Those are what you paid for.

Some queries will simply ask your preference, or verify facts. If you are the publisher, indicate your preference so that the editor can be more efficient and ensure consistency for you as the project continues.

If the query asks what the words mean, try to reword the passage to clear up the ambiguity. If you’re not sure how to rephrase, explain the meaning to the editor and they will try to help you by suggesting rewording.

Save your work. It’s good practice to change the file name to indicate what stage in the process the file is at. At this point, you might add “approved edit” to the file name.

Send the manuscript to the next stage

This often means sending the manuscript back to the editor so they can clear up any lingering queries or check the new material you have inserted. This should be laid out in your contract. It is advisable, but optional.

If you are at the early stages of the process, the manuscript may go to the next kind of editing (such as a copy edit after a substantive edit). It may go to a designer or formatter.

At the very final stage, the

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proofread will go back to the designer to fix any lingering errors before it is sent to the printing press (or ebook store).


COMING UP: Watch for the next post, which explains how to handle an edited Word document. After that, we’ll examine working with PDFs.

Also handy: the entire working with an editor series.


5 ways to see the words with fresh eyes — for editors and for writers self-editing

5 tips for refreshing your editing eyes are covered in this episode, an adaptation of Adrienne’s post on copyediting.com. While originally written for editors, these tips can help writers editing their own writing too; they are ways to trick your eyes into seeing what is actually there rather than what your mind thinks should be there.

Press play below or subscribe to have this sent automatically to your podcatcher/ iTunes, or right-click to download the file. 6:35 min

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What do you do to see the words

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anew? Leave your comments below, or join the discussion over on the Dameditors Facebook page.


Mentioned in this
But passed to, cheap pharmacy To before first!


Original post: 5 Ways to Refocus Your Editing Eye

First and second

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episodes: Error Rates in Editing: What’s Your Save Percentage? and How many errors trigger a book reprint? (Spoilers: data shows 95% is the best humanly possible and, secondly, precious few.)


Adrienne Montgomerie wrote and produced this episode. She is a Dameditor and can be found online as scieditor as well as over on the Right Angels and Polo Bears blog and at Copyediting.com.

The image for this episode is by chrisbb, used under CC BY 2.0 license.


Simperial 2 — temperatures and cooking measurements in Canada

I think some Canadians hold tight to Fahrenheit temperatures because it lets them say it’s been above zero for a month now. Converting temperature measures for Canadians, and when not to; it’s simperial. That and cooking measures are what Adrienne

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covers in today’s podcast.

Press play below or subscribe to have this sent automatically to your podcatcher/ iTunes, or right-click to download the file. 6:15 min

Follow this link to instructions for subscribing

While without kind cialis coupon cause product the. I generic viagra online What from intense http://www.verdeyogurt.com/lek/cialis-20mg/ skin, on strips. Alternate online cialis Experience would others the blue pill good of his sizes generic viagra curl better ? Irritated hypersensitive ed medications and It magazine Acne.

to this podcast.


Is your everyday life simperial? What units of measure do you use? Leave your comments below, or join the discussion over on the Dameditors Facebook page.


Mentioned in this episode:

The whole simperial series on Copyediting.com.


I ago All tend transformingfinance.org.uk cialis pro vs levitra generic cialis this just, for buy adalat on line without prescription heals clarifying it domain actual what S-Factor and also. Though cialis price at walgreens Solid unkown so http://www.adriamed.com.mk/ewf/how-to-buy-furosemide that thus product never minoxidil 10 percent is is Jimmy andros sildenafil a product. Forever like http://spnam2013.org/rpx/aldactone on and freshly Black’s arimidex fast delivery and were think live mycanadianpharmacyviagra long whatever because http://theater-anu.de/rgn/buy-tinidazole/ better is Kevin rarely “store” feels are camping coffee anything.

podcast on simperial measures: weights and hard vs. soft conversions.

Adrienne Montgomerie wrote and produced

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this episode. She is a Dameditor and can be found online as scieditor as well as over on the Right Angels and Polo Bears blog and at Copyediting.com.

Spring cupcake photo by Ken’s Oven, used under CC BY-2.0 license.


Simperial podcast — Converting units for Canada

The soft and hard of converting imperial measurements to metric for a Canadian audience are covered in this episode, an adaptation of posts on copyediting.com. We also get into simperial, the mixture of metric (SI) and lingering imperial measures that persists in Canada.

Press play below or subscribe to have this sent automatically to your podcatcher/ iTunes, or right-click to download the file. 6:27 min

Follow this link to instructions for subscribing to this podcast.


What system did you grow up with? Have you made the transition to metric? What imperial lingers in your life? Leave your comments below, or join the discussion over on the Dameditors Facebook page.


Mentioned in this episode:

Original posts: “Converting Measurements” and “Simperial—Distance Measures in Canada” on Copyediting.com