Podcast between-isode: another peek behind the editing curtain

This episode of the Right Angels and Polo Bears podcast is a sort of between-isode update of what’s been going on at Adrienne’s desk, to keep you satisfied while she does more research for an in-depth piece on editing disturbing subject matter. I first posted piece on the topic on the Copyediting.com blog. It’s generated a lot of thoughtful discussion and some response-blogs by colleagues. This is an issue that affects all of us, often as a blindside, so we feel it deserves a closer look.

So, while she’s working on that, take another peek behind the editing curtain.

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Tell us about what topics you find too disturbing to edit. What are your red flags? What do you do to care for yourself when editing gets you emotional? Leave your comments below, or join the discussion over on the Dameditors Facebook page. You can also Tweet Adrienne @scieditor and send longer comments or tips you’d like to share privately to adrienne@dameditors.ca.


Mentioned in this episode:


Hey, she forgot to mention attending panel discussion hosted by RGD (registered graphic designers’ association). We are not designers, but we work with them on nearly every job and find that connecting with them and learning how and what they think helps us communicate with them better. Always a fascinating event.


Adrienne Montgomerie wrote and produced this episode. She is a Dameditor and can be found online as scieditor as well as over on the Right Angels and Polo Bears blog and at Copyediting.com on Mondays and Wednesdays.

The image for this episode is by Pink Sherbet Photography, used under CC BY-2.0 license.